Ohio Galaxies FC

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Mailing Address: Ohio Galaxies FC, P.O. Box 72, Alpha, OH 45301-0072

Director of Operations Nancy Shields Email: nancy@ohiogalaxies.com
Director of Coaching Neil "Scooby" Daniels Email: scooby@ohiogalaxies.com
Director of Program Development Sid van Druenen Email: sid@ohiogalaxies.com
Director of Girls Player Development Pat Ferguson Email: ferguson@ohiogalaxies.com
Director of Boys Player Development Keenan MIkal Email: keenan@ohiogalaxies.com
Director of Tournaments Steve Pitchel Email: steve@ohiogalaxies.com
Club Treasurer Lori Rick Email: lori@ohiogalaxies.com
Club Administrator Jeannie Borda Email: jborda@ohiogalaxies.com