Ohio Galaxies FC

Player Registration

Players and Parents,

Thank you for your interest and commitment to play for our Ohio Galaxies FC program.

There are several steps that are necessary to complete player registration for our Ohio Galaxies FC program.

New Players to Ohio Galaxies FC

Step 1 - Click here to create a family account with our Ohio Galaxies FC Stack Sports player registration system

Step 2 - Add your player as a participant on your family account

Step 3 - Register your player for our 2019-2020 program, registration including the following forms, waivers and documents:

  • Copy of player's birth certificate
  • picture of the player
  • US Youth Soccer Player Membership Form
  • Sudden Cardiac and Lindsay Law Signature Form
  • Ohio Galaxies FC waiver
  • Hagerty Waiver

Step 4 - Families will receive a confirmation email when a player registration is completed successfully.

Step 5 - Players selected for an Ohio Galaxies FC team will receive an email offer for a roster position on the team. Parents will need to log into their family account at www.ohiogalaxiesfc.com to accept the offer and complete payment. Online payment or check payment is required by all players to secure a position on one of our teams.

Step 6 - Players will need to complete uniform ordering through Soccer Plus. Uniforms are a separate expense and uniform costs are paid directly to Soccer Plus. Players joining Ohio Galaies FC as part of tryouts for a new season year will receive online uniform ordering information directly from Soccer Plus in June of each year. Players joining Ohio Galaxies FC as a result of supplemenal tryouts will need to contact Tony Bertrams at Soccer Plus team at 937-434-0909 to order a uniform kit.

If you have any questions or concerns about player registration, please contact Nancy Shields at nancy@ohiogalaxies.com.